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The Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Health Alliance (LHNHA) is a gathering of over 20 neighborhood associations, community-based organizations, and academic representatives working to bring people together through healthy lifestyle programs.

LHNHA aims to reduce health disparities and create a deep and sustained culture of health and community sufficiency in our families and in our neighborhoods. The organization works in Lindsay Heights bounded by Locust Street to Walnut Street, and I-43 to 20th Street.

In 2006 and 2007, the Center for Resilient Cities raised funds, facilitated meetings, and coordinated activities for the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Health Alliance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are honored to now be an equal partner with this dedicated group that includes:

Bread of Healing Clinic

Center for Resilient Cities

Center for Urban Population Health

Children’s Hospital and Health Systems

Community Planning Council, NSP #10

Cross Lutheran Church

Fondy Food Center

House of Peace UWM Nursing Center

Johnsons Park Neighborhood Association

Medical College of Wisconsin-Dept. of Family & Community Medicine

Milwaukee County UW-Extension

Milwaukee Health Care Partnership

Milwaukee Public Schools

Neu-Life Community Development

Outpost Natural Foods

UWM College of Nursing

UWM School of Education

UWM Zilber School of Public Health

UW School of Medicine & Public Health

Walnut Way Conservation Corporation

YMCA Northside


Alliance Meetings: The Health Alliance meets every other month. Two work groups also meet monthly: Nutrition and Physical Activity & Safety. All residents, friends, and organizational partners are welcome to join.

Wellness Walkers: Each week, this group of women and men walk together for exercise, safety, and good conversation. In warmer weather, you can find us at Johnsons Park. During the winter, we walk indoors. All are welcome to join.

Johnsons Park Bike Camp: The first Johnsons Park Bike Camp was held in August 2007. The two-week program taught bike safety skills to youth ages 11-15. Plans are currently underway for future bike camps.

Gardens to Market Program: This program provides training to youth and adults to install and maintain production gardens in community lots and residential backyards. It was founded by the Walnut Way Conservation Corporation and is supported by the Health Alliance.

Community Food Assessment: We are initiating a Community Food Assessment to examine the availability, quality, and cost of food in the neighborhood. Our goal is to use this information to advocate for making nutritious, locally grown foods available and affordable to all residents.

Walking and Biking Safety Assessment: We are conducting assessments to examine how safe the neighborhood is for walking and bicycling. Our goal is to use this information to inform policymakers and advocate for safety improvements.



Tyler Weber

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Lindsay Heights Quality of Life Plan
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