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We foster resilience with opportunities for people to form neighborhood connections and enrich their lives.

Center for Resilient Cities offers a strategic blend of programs that encourage neighbors, friends and family to forge strong relationships as they spend time together. In Madison, Badger Rock Center provides recurring, seasonal, summer youth and special activities, often with local partners and at no cost to participants. These programs help neighbors enrich their lives through pursuit of new skills and interests as well as connection to the neighborhood. In Milwaukee, Center for Resilient Cities supports special opportunities for children to develop creativity while nurturing their emotional and spiritual health. Our goal with all of our programming is to strengthen community ties and civic engagement while also nurturing resilience within each individual.

Resilience Programming at Badger Rock Center

Play ‘N’ Learn Baby Camp
Madison Metropolitan School District’s Play ‘n’ Learn is offered weekly at no cost for parents and their children ages 0-5 years. Parents learn about important developmental milestones in their child’s life through age-appropriate play with the assistance of experienced staff.

Senior Coffee Hour
Neighbors gather weekly for coffee, conversation and light food refreshments at no cost in the Badger Rock Neighborhood Center Cafe.

Monthly CommUNITY Dinners and Activity Nights
Families gather on the second Friday of the month with the exception of August to enjoy camaraderie and dinner. Adults can connect about the neighborhood, while children take part in planned activities. Doors open at 5:30pm, dinner is served at 6:01pm. Please join us on the following dates in 2016: January 8 · February 12 · March 11 · April 8 · May 13 · June 10 · July 8 · September 9 · October 14 · November 11 · December 9

The Science of Resilient Communities
This program partners the Center for Resilient Cities, the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, and the Badger Rock Middle School in developing and delivering a program that focuses on resilience in various communities: those in the natural world and in human society. Middle school students learn how resilience is exhibited in plant and animal communities, and how we can transpose those models into our own personal and interpersonal worlds. This course investigates the challenges and benefits conferred by the characteristics of resilient systems and examines how those are demonstrated in our local neighborhoods and ecosystems. Gaining these skills alongside prescribed curricula will lead to more meaningful academic outcomes in which students meet science requirements for middle school while learning the key elements of successful communities, making them more skillful and adaptable in their future school and personal endeavors.

Hmong Language and Cultural Enrichment Program
One of only two programs in the nation concentrating efforts on increasing Hmong language proficiency and appreciation for the Hmong culture, participants are immersed in the Hmong experience. Designed to keep the Hmong journey and culture relevant in today’s world, the program provides children a historical look at what it means to be Hmong. The program runs throughout the school year and culminates culminates in a 6-week summer immersion program concluding with a completion ceremony comprised of skits, songs, awards,and food, and much fun and laughter. An annual Hmong Gala, a fundraiser to support the program, is held every year in the spring. The 2016 Gala was held on Saturday, April 30th.

Soccer Camp
Joining forces with Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR), Center for Resilient Cities offers a skills building soccer camp during the summer.

For more information on our programs, please contact us at (608) 960-4615.