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We’re evolving with intention.

Developed early on in our history, our Guiding Principles helps us maintain consistent direction even as we change through ongoing learning. These principles also illuminate our organization for others.

We enter into our work at the invitation of a community, extended by a community-based organization(s) or community advocacy organization.

We work in deep and sustained collaborative partnership with people and communities.

Capacity Building
We support and build upon existing community networks and foster new social connections to enhance a community’s capacity for resilience.

We support networks of people, organizations, and institutions that are both independent and interconnected parts of the urban social fabric.

We believe that variability of biology, landscape, economy, and social organization are fundamental to resilience.

We respect and value the results of lifelong, adaptive learning and knowledge development, whether formal or informal, expert or indigenous, as communities adapt to stressors and become more resilient.

We engage in resilience work that restores and heals people and places, built and natural environments, and local economies.

Feedback Loops
We build into our work tight feedback loops that intentionally design adaptive learning into projects, programs, and policies.

Overlapping Governance
We create formal links between and among communities and public, private, and not-for-profit institutions or organizations, to build communities that thrive.

Community Ownership
We maintain a long-term presence in neighborhoods, with community ownership of the work as our ultimate aim.