We learn, we grow, we share and we evolve.

Our Vision
We envision a world of resilient cities filled with healthy people in economically thriving neighborhoods, clean air, clean water, green landscapes, and sustainable and just food systems.

Our Mission
Center for Resilient Cities cultivates robust and thriving communities that are healthy, just, economically viable and environmentally sound.

Our History
Center for Resilient Cities was launched in 1996 as the Urban Open Space Foundation, utilizing a land trust model to revitalize and protect sustainable urban open spaces for community use. Since then, Center for Resilient Cities has served as a critical catalyst for a number of highly successful, sustainable neighborhood development projects that integrate a multitude of community systems.

Center for Resilient Cities is committed to resilience development envisioned and driven by the communities themselves. Though the organization evolves with the learning from each project, its strategic focus remains constant: To create, implement and share a model for cultivating resilient cities that is proven to perform.