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Avi’s Hawk Landing

In spring 2016, Badger Rock Middle School student Avi Wolfram approached us with a proposal to install a hawk platform on the Badger Rock Center grounds. Avi was interested in increasing biodiversity on site and had studied hawks and starlings for his project. He learned that starlings, an invasive species imported from Europe, kill native birds like woodpeckers, cardinals, and nuthatches.

Avi told us that red-tailed hawks, a native predator of starlings, could help control the population of the invasive species and create opportunities for native birds to flourish. He recommended installing a hawk landing platform to attract hawks to the site. After we approved Avi’s proposal, he presented it to MGE Foundation, which agreed to fund the platform’s installation in late July.

See a video of the installation and an interview with Avi here.