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Measuring Groundwater Resources at Badger Rock

Last week, CRC gave a tour of Badger Rock to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Watershed Management staff. They want to learn more about how we combine aspects of urban agriculture, energy, and environmental sustainability on site. We were joined by Wellntel, our partner in groundwater resource monitoring. Chuck Dunning explained the groundwater measurement system in our well (pictured below with the tour group) and the water storage measurement system in our underground tanks. We store rainwater in our underground tanks for use on the Badger Rock Middle School Gardens and other urban agriculture on site.

Curious about how our system works and what it measures? Wellntel has written a nifty blog post that explains the link between rainfall and changes in groundwater level in the shallow aquifer serving our well. The post also shows the clear connection between surface water levels at nearby Lake Monona and groundwater levels at the Badger Rock Center.