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Thank you, Milwaukee!

With the successful completion of the Johnsons Park Initiative and our joyous celebration in June, a chapter of our resilience work has come to a natural end. We will be closing our Milwaukee office, effective August 31, 2016. You can still find us in Madison at our Blount Street office and at the Badger Rock Center. After a dozen years, we have many thanks to give for the friendship and support of partners, neighbors, and donors we have met along the way.

This move will allow us to focus efforts on our newest project, the Badger Rock Center, where we operate the Badger Rock Neighborhood Center and partner with Badger Rock Middle School to support neighborhood residents, children, and families. We take with us many fond memories as well as lessons learned from our work in Milwaukee’s Lindsay Heights neighborhood. We will miss you; our hearts are full. Please stay in touch and stop in for a tour of our state-of-the-art, sustainably designed facility in Madison!