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We want communities to own their resilience.

Building resilience is about community stakeholders acting together in order to address current and future environmental, social and economic change. Center for Resilient Cities takes community engagement to a new level, convening local people, organizations and institutions to drive neighborhood transformation. We believe this type of collaborative partnership is the only way to enhance a community’s capacity for resilience.

Our Distinctive Approach to Community Engagement
So often in the past, neighborhood revitalization has involved outside resources coming into a community to create an external plan that is imposed on local residents.

We engage in our work at the invitation of the community.

In contrast, Center for Resilient Cities’ approach is to engage neighbors, local entrepreneurs and local civic leadership as the people who envision neighborhood transformation and make it happen. Our role is to ask, “What resources and expertise can we gather for our community partners to utilize? How can we offer our skills and talents to support our partners in achieving their goals?”

Our model takes time. During the process we learn about our partners, and we earn trust. We leverage proven, on-the-ground community organizing strategies and build social connection. We respect and honor diverse community knowledge, and advance policies and practices that are informed by the community.

In the end, we see a community woven more tightly together, supporting pursuits that increase the individual and collective quality of life. The community’s needs and values determine the shape resilience takes.