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Every square foot offers a learning opportunity.

Center for Resilient Cities’ intentional design integrates education for everyone.

To cultivate resilience, Badger Rock Center holds space for varied and diverse learning opportunities, for neighbors of all ages, as well as respecting and honoring community knowledge. Here are just a few of its areas of learning:

  • Badger Rock Middle School is a public charter middle school that features an interdisciplinary program focusing on urban agriculture and environmental sustainability. Learning is project-based and relevant to all cultures. More than half of the students come from the immediate neighborhoods. The campus serves as a living laboratory for hands-on exploration and study of food growth and science, energy and water use, and community cooperation — all crucial areas of knowledge for future academic and job success. This agriculture- and green-based school started with 50 students in sixth grade, and has grown to 100 students in grades six through eight.
    • The neighborhood and nearby natural areas serve as extended classroom spaces so that students better understand the value of community and the environment.
    • Partnerships with area colleges and universities like Edgewood and UW-Madison bring extraordinary expertise and educational resources to routinely work with our students.
    • Active adult volunteer programs — Badger Rock has numerous adults and community experts to help provide additional support and enrichment opportunities.
  • Badger Rock Neighborhood Center currently offers resident-driven programming in a wide variety of areas. Center for Resilient Cities has partnered with Madison School and Community Recreation, the Hmong community, Phitness Plus and others to bring programs and services to the Center.
  • In Phase II, the Center will support entrepreneurial youth development through training in food production, preparation and marketing and opportunities for green jobs.