Phase 2 of Badger Rock Center image

Badger Rock Center grows with the neighborhood in Phase 2.

Center for Resilient Cities is committed to making the campus a destination for the neighborhood.

In community discussions and research led by Center for Resilient Cities, residents nearby said they’d like more businesses serving the neighborhood, particularly a coffee shop, a market, and other essentials, at Badger Rock Center.

Phase 2 plans for the Center include 1,500 square feet of retail space as well as a gymnasium, meeting rooms and office space. Center for Resilient Cities is working with neighborhood representatives and residents to identify which types of businesses are a priority. To date, a bicycle repair shop and an audiovisual lab with a neighborhood radio station have been discussed.

Bird's eye view drawing of the phase 2 addition image

Badger Rock Middle School will also grow by two more classrooms and additional office space for teachers and support staff, enabling the school to reach its full enrollment of 150 students. A third floor “research roost” has also been proposed for visiting scholars working with the neighborhood.

At completion of Phase 2, Badger Rock Center will become an even more widely used destination for the community, and will contribute to the neighborhood’s economic growth.