SHowing students the rooftop solar panels image

Badger Rock Center is a leader in green and sustainable design.

Center for Resilient Cities’ building and campus take “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to new levels.

At Badger Rock Center, every square foot of the campus – inside the building and out – is devoted to green and sustainable design that promotes the health of neighbors, the community and the environment. More than 90% of the building that formerly sat on the Center’s site was reused or recycled during construction. The Center was built to U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum standards, with certification pending completion of the project’s second phase.

Project Facts:

  • The goal is to capture and use every drop of water that falls on the Center’s roof, using underground storage tanks that store 45,000 gallons.
  • The Center is a sentinel site for the US Geological Survey with its Wellntel groundwater and tank monitoring systems. The systems track the amount of water available underground in our well and our underground storage tanks. Data from the system is fed to the USGS national data base on groundwater, helping to provide insight into water management in times of drought.
  • Natural daylight is emphasized in the building’s design. On the second floor, Solatubes capture, amplify and re-direct daylight, significantly reducing the need for conventional fluorescent lighting.
  • The Center features photovoltaic panels on the roof for solar power in partnership with Madison Gas & Electric, a local utility that is one of the greenest in the nation.
  • The Center participates 100% in MGE’s Green Power Tomorrow program, buying wind and solar power as well as feeding solar power back into the grid.
  • The Center employs a geothermal system (ground-sourced heating and cooling) with 78 wells that extend 300 feet deep.
  • Badger Rock Center uses about 50% less electricity than an average comparable office in Madison.
  • The site contributes to the local food system, featuring a greenhouse with aquaponics and four acres of vegetable gardens.

Moving Forward

Badger Rock Center’s energy and solar systems are monitored with energy monitoring systems that can be viewed from desktop computers and smart phones. Badger Rock Middle School students regularly study all of the energy and environmental systems in the building. Future Badger Rock Neighborhood Center programming will be developed to “translate” the building systems to the backyard level.